Servant Leadership 2015 will continue to extend the themes of our 5 year Leadership Content. This year the primary focus will be diving into the value of DREAM WILDLY.

At the heart of Servant Leadership is the idea of what it means to be person who courageously lives the life that God has called them live. LEAD222 wants to help students become the kind of leader that isn’t afraid to do what’s right and what’s needed for the Kingdom. Servant Leadership 2014 is all about investing in students to become courageous leaders! LEADING COURAGEOUSLY THROUGH ACTS OF WORDS, ACTIONS, RELATIONSHIPS AND CHANGE.


What is servant leadership? The concept of servant leadership begins by being a servant first. A servant leader must first learn to serve before taking on a leadership position. Servant leaders serve because they are motivated by model of Jesus. This session is all about the heart of what the SL Experience is all about.


(OUR ACTIONS) Every person possesses the courage to do extraordinary things for the Kingdom. The thing that stops most people from ever doing anything that truly matters is the paralyzing effect of fear. In this session we want to identify some common fears that typically hinder people from becoming the courageous leaders that God has enabled us to be. This session is a call to overcome fears and become a person of courageous action.


(OUR WORDS) Our words have the power to destroy, build up, defend, save, discourage, empower, and so much more. There are many times in life where courage is required to speak and use words of life, love, and hope. Teenagers continually face the challenge in their schools of how they use their words. This session is a call to courageously use our words to be life giving and to boldly point the world to Jesus.


(OUR RELATIONSHIPS) The heart of LEAD222 is mentoring. Who are you choosing to be with? Students must have the courage to make intentional choices about which relationships will matter most to them. This message will include the Be With Constellation and encourage students live the constellation. In addition to the Be-With Constellation equal emphasis will be given to students making courageous decisions within their existing relationships. How can you lead those in your life? Who is the Lord stirring you to be courageous with?


(OUR CHANGE) Some of the most courageous things we’ll ever do will be to change things about ourselves. To take a risk, to let go of something, to change a behavior, or to make a sacrifice – change is necessary for transformation to take place. Leaders are continually making small degrees of change in order to become stronger and more faithful. Luke 9:23 calls us to “take up our cross daily…” Often times to we have to let something go in order to pick up the cross. This session is a call to make a change, so we can better carry our cross and make a Kingdom impact as leaders.


Students will have hands on missional experiences to learn the heart of Servant Leadership. Students will receive a SL Journal with daily devotionals and leadership experiences. Students will be challenged to practice a daily leadership experience. Each ministry will engage in meaningful Team Times. Each day Students will engage in daily times of worship and devotion. Students will experience a mid-trip leadership training experience.

Below is a brief look at our plan to equip and teach students over the next several years with content and experiences that will shape the way they choose to live.

Year 1: Live Differently, Love Recklessly, Lead Courageously, Dream Wildly
A challenge to become a leader who embodies all four of the Servant Leadership values.

Year 2: Live Differently
Exploring what it means for students to live their faith out in ways that create a difference for the Kingdom

Year 3: Love Recklessly
Students will be challenged to view their potential leadership being best expressed by the way we love and serve others.

Year 4: Lead Courageously
We want to inspire students to courageously overcome the fears that stand in the way of leading others for God’s purposes.

Year 5: Dream Wildly
Today’s culture largely shapes the aspirations of teenagers – students must learn to engage in the dreams God has for them.