Servant Leadership 2015 will continue to extend the themes of our 5 year Leadership Content. This year the primary focus will be diving into the value of DREAM WILDLY.

This world needs young leaders who dream about things that matter and usher in good for our world and for the Kingdom. God honoring servant leadership is always be accompanied by huge faith that pursues God inspired dreams.

God can do anything, you know - far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us his Spirit deeply and gently within us. Ephesians 3:20


What would it mean to wildly serve this week? Leadership is modeled by Jesus as acts of wild service to God and to others. Jesus directly linked loving God with loving others when he was asked to define the greatest commandment. This experience is about growing our love for God and love for others. No better way to grow those things than through servant leadership.


Do you dream? Dreaming is a popular subject, it has been every since MLK’s “I have a dream speech, but sadly most young people aren’t dreaming wildly. They are dreaming realistically and responsibility. Dreams are hemmed in by normalcy. In this session students will be challenge to re-think the way they approach questions like, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Maybe our dreams shouldn’t only be about schooling, work, and our future success, but maybe God has a dream inside of us way better than all of that…maybe that’s our “special work” (Jeremiah 1:5).


(OUR WORDS) Our words have the power to destroy, build up, defend, save, discourage, empower, and so much more. There are many times in life where courage is required to speak and use words of life, love, and hope. Teenagers continually face the challenge in their schools of how they use their words. This session is a call to courageously use our words to be life giving and to boldly point the world to Jesus.


What can you dream for right now? The world is waiting for students to unleash their God given ability to dream for the people and places they intersect every day. This session will encourage students to live with a daily sense of dreaming for a better reality in the immediate. We can dream about right now—for school, friends, family, community, church, and our city! What is one dream for your everyday life that you can begin pursuing right now?


Are you living a life with God or are you asking God to live with you? Many students have a busy life so they simply squeeze God in whenever they can. Often when life is busy, difficult, painful, or hard we distance ourselves from God. The story of Joseph is a powerful story of a person who had every reason to give up on living a life with God, but God had given him dreams that he kept believing and trusting. Eventually his dreams became reality after years of struggle. Dreams are only worthy dreams in the context of a life with God. When we wildly commit to live with God, we will see the wild things He will do in us, through us, and around us.


Students will have hands on missional experiences to learn the heart of Servant Leadership. Students will receive a SL Journal with daily devotionals and leadership experiences. Students will be challenged to practice a daily leadership experience. Each ministry will engage in meaningful Team Times. Each day Students will engage in daily times of worship and devotion. Students will experience a mid-trip leadership training experience.

Below is a brief look at our plan to equip and teach students over the next several years with content and experiences that will shape the way they choose to live.

Year 1: Live Differently, Love Recklessly, Lead Courageously, Dream Wildly
A challenge to become a leader who embodies all four of the Servant Leadership values.

Year 2: Live Differently
Exploring what it means for students to live their faith out in ways that create a difference for the Kingdom

Year 3: Love Recklessly
Students will be challenged to view their potential leadership being best expressed by the way we love and serve others.

Year 4: Lead Courageously
We want to inspire students to courageously overcome the fears that stand in the way of leading others for God’s purposes.

Year 5: Dream Wildly
Today’s culture largely shapes the aspirations of teenagers – students must learn to engage in the dreams God has for them.